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A dynamic team

The team is composed of 14 surgeons and specialists in urological surgery by 17 doctors, 4 anesthetists, 1 women urinary medical problems specialist, 4 andro/sexologists, 1 radiation therapist, 4 oncologists, 1 specialist in urinary stones and 2 radiologists.

The Professors

Professor Michaël Peyromaure

Head of the Urology Department

University Professor - Hospital Surgeon



Professor Nicolas Barry Delongchamps

University Professor - Hospital Surgeon

Member of INSERM U1037: tumor angiogenesis and gene expression control


Professor Marc Zerbib

University Professor - Hospital Surgeon



Hospital practitioners

Professor Djillali Saïghi

Hospital Surgeon

Associate Professor at the Paris Hospitals College of Medicine

Doctor Thierry Dayma

Hospital Surgeon



Doctor Sophie Conquy

Women urinary problems specialist



Doctor Delphine Amsellem-Ouazana

Hospital Surgeon




Clinical directors

Doctor Adrien Rivière





Doctor Elie Saad





Doctor Jordan Sapetti




Doctor Guillaume Plante




Delegated Urological Surgeons


Doctor Pierre-Robert Martinache



Doctor David Charbit




Doctor Paul-Louis Evrard




Doctor Eric Chartier




Doctor Jean Thomas



The andro-sexologist doctors


Doctor Pierre Desvaux



Doctor Sylvain Mimoun



Doctor Catherine Solano



Doctor Irene Borten-Krivine


Other delegated doctors


Professor François Goldwasser


Head of Department at the Cochin Hospital

Professor Jérôme Alexandre



Doctor Philippe Giraud



Doctor Olivier Huillard



Doctor Patrick Younes



Doctor François Cornud


Senior nurse manager

Mrs Martine Meno

Nursing service senior manager