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Legal notice

Subject: The objective of Urology Department of the Cochin Hospital website is to introduce the service, present the team, allow easy access to consultations, and offer expert online advice to visitors.

Publisher: This site is published under the authority of Professor Michael Peyromaure. Any medical advice provided on the site will only be given by qualified personnel (graduate) from the medical field and qualified professionals. The author Professor Michael Peyromaure is a medical advice specialist.

Doctor-patient relationship: The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the existing relationship between patient and doctor. This is why the priority is the presentation of the service, physical access facilitated by the plans and directions, presentation of the team and the easy access to the schedules of consultations.

Confidentiality of visitor's information: The operating principle of this website is intended to preserve the privacy of personal information submitted by site visitors. As mentioned in the "Asking for online advice," it will not be answered by this channel details to a complex case. Only a hospital visit will allow an appropriate response. To comply with medical confidentiality, your question and our response will not be archived. They will be automatically deleted.

Ethical and professional requirements: The primary purpose of this site is to make available a first level of information, particularly in the "A new service" section, listing the main areas of activities. The editorial policy is based on facts and does not contain any advertising element. The director of the publication is the association UROLOGIE-COCHIN, 53, avenue de l'Observatoire, 75 014 Paris

Intellectual property: The full content of this site is covered by the French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved, including illustrations and photographs. Reproduction of all or part of this site on any media whatsoever is forbidden without express permission of the publication director.

updated on 2019-01-31