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Cochin international


Vue d'une unité d'hospitalisation

The urology department of the Cochin hospital has developed many international cooperations in the care, research and teaching domains.

We have established collaborations on all continents.

In Europe, it is mostly scientific and academic collaborations, through the European Association of Urology. We participate in numerous multicenter clinical research protocols in connection with urology services based in Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Italy and Spain.We regularly welcome students from these various countries, as part of training.

We are also involved in an education program of laparoscopy at Moscow Sechenov University.

With the US, we have also developed several scientific cooperations, allowing our service to participate in large international studies especially in the field of cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In China, our team is also very present since 2005 thanks to a Franco-Chinese urology department creation at the Shanghai East Hospital, led by Professor Bernard Debré. We regularly provide humanitarian missions in several Chinese provinces, and have established a medical education program at Tongji University in Shanghai. This cooperation care, teaching and research have spread to other universities, such as Beijing and Nanchang. We have also established a partnership with the Hong Kong Medical University, under academic exchanges during Asian Congress.

In Africa, we conduct different care and education missions, especially in the field of oncology and minimally invasive surgical techniques. This is the case with the Avicenne Hospital in Marrakech (Morocco), the Medical University of Algiers (Algeria), the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Abidjan (Ivory Cost) and the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Lomé (Togo).

These ties around the world allow us to enrich our research, to remain at the forefront of medical knowledge and new technologies, and contribute to improve practices of some less developed countries.